Saturday 20 August 2011

Keeping Herbs Fresh - Our First Guest Post!

Today's post is our first ever Guest Post!  My sister-in-law sent me this amazing idea and I just have to share it with you!  Steph lives in a mining town in Western Australia, so she is not only a million miles from anywhere, but they live in intense heat for most of the year.  So, here is her way of keeping store-bought fresh herbs in ship-shape condition, as she simply cannot grow anything in the extreme weather that she has to live in. I think this is a fantastic idea, because I know that my fresh herbs bloom in spurts throughout the year, and there are plenty of times when I have had to buy herbs to supplement my own limited supply, or times when I have so much supply that I struggle to use it before it dies off.  This is the perfect solution!

Keeping Herbs Fresh - By Steph-adiva

When I purchase parsley or any other herb in the pack from the supermarket, most of the time I always forget I have purchased them because they are in the crisper in the fridge and/or before I get to use all of the herbs they go off and need to be thrown in the rubbish. 

Well since you are so wonderful and inspiring with your handy tips, this is what I'm now doing:

1.  Wash the parsley and remove the stalks (optional to remove stalks).  When I wash my herbs, I put them in the salad spinner to get out more water.  

2.  Chop the parsley in your food processor (Steph has one of those amazing Thermomix machines!)

3.  Put the parsley on 3 sheets of paper towel and twist over the sink to release the extra water. I twist one sheet of paper towel then add another sheet and then another sheet just to ensure you absorb all the excess water.

4.  Place in to container, label and place in fridge ready to use whenever you need herbs.

I also chop up all of my shallots rather than planting them or keeping them in my crisper.

To be honest I've only been doing this when ready your blog but this is what I'm going to keep doing because I use herbs in everything - salads, over steamed fish, herbs & garlic & butter, home made pizza, and this is so simple and a quick way to ensure I use all my herbs before they turn old and yucky and need to thrown in the bin.

Thanks for sharing this awesome idea, Steph!  Love all of the photos and ideas you gave us, especially the foods we can add  fresh, healthy herbs too :)  I must admit that Steph makes amazing herb & garlic bread!!  Maybe she can share that one with us next time...


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