Friday 19 October 2012

Organising the DVD Cupboard

As I have been sorting through my boxes of goodies in my study, and putting them into matching boxes for my new-look red and aqua study, I have ended up with dozens of empty storage boxes!  I am seriously embarrassed that this whole bed is full of EMPTY boxes/baskets and storage solutions!  I think I need to stop buying storage containers for a little while ;)

So, I thought that I might put some of those red and white boxes stacked on the right to good use in our DVD cupboard.  We all love a good before and after, so here is the before:

DVDs, CDs, instruction manuals, warranties and cords galore!  You can tell this little area is not my domain!  My husband is the movie lover and our technical support... I rarely open this cupboard, and when I did recently, I knew it was time for a make-over!

I was very lucky to find that two boxes fit side by side on a shelf, and the DVDs fit nicely into the boxes too.

I arranged the boxes so that Mick's DVD's are in the bottom two boxes, with his DVD case for his fishing movies on top.  I got him this case for his birthday, because he always gets fishing magazines that have DVDs attached, but they don't come in a case.  I thought this would be a good solution for the dozens of loose DVDs that were previously lying around. 

Of course I considered putting the DVDs in alphabetical order and labelling his boxes accordingly, but I knew this would end up being a joke as there is no way he would put movies away in alphabetical order!  Not everyone in this world is as OCD as me!

The top left box is full of my DVD's and Christmas DVD's, and the top right box has all of those instruction books, warranties and cords safely stowed inside.

This was a super quick, free make-over for a cupboard in our house that definitely needed some organising love!


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