Sunday 14 July 2013

Kit Kat and M&M Cake

If you are on my Facebook page you would have recently seen a photo of this yummy cake I made for my mums 60th birthday. It was so easy and looked so effective, I though I would share a few tips with you that helped me to get it done.

Firstly, I cheated and used packet cake mixes. My mum requested a chocolate mud cake and after some disasters a few years ago for my sister's engagement party mud cake, I decided a packet was more reliable. Plus I had a ten week old - need I say more?!

I made two cakes to layer on top of each other. One cake is not high enough for two reasons - first it looks silly as the Kit Kats are so tall and you would need too many M&Ms to fill it! Second, the extra height gives you much more to stick the Kit Kats to. I tried this with candy canes at Christmas time and one cake just doesn't have enough surface area to hold whatever you are sticking on.

I used the icing that came in the boxes with the cakes to ice the middle layer (between the two cakes) and the top layer (on top of the top cake). This used up all the icing.

I used Betty Crocker chocolate frosting to attach the Kit Kats. I broke the Kit Kats into 2's and spread frosting on the back of the stick, then stuck it onto the side of the cake.

Next I tied a bow around the middle to hold it safely together. Getting the bow to sit right seemed to take me longer than doing the Kit Kats!!

And finally, I poured peanut M&Ms on top. I have seen it done where they are arranged in coloured concentric circles, which I might do next time (Mick has asked me to make him this cake for his birthday too!).

And that is it! Too easy! Seriously, anyone can make this cake - give it a go :)

FYI - I used 18 twin Kit Kat sticks and 2 packs of M&Ms.

Finally, I wanted to share some cakes made by one of our lovely Facebook likers' mother!  Using this same principle, she made these beautiful cakes:

 Thanks to Jo for sharing these fabulous cakes with us!!  They look amazing :)


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