Sunday 15 September 2013

How To Do Your Own Shellac Nails - Getting Started

After I posted a picture on my Facebook page of my lovely long nails last week, I have had heaps of requests for information about how I do my own Shellac... So here it is :)

(Did you know it is really hard to photograph your own nails?!)

This post is going to detail what I use and where I ordered it from.  I will do another post soon that steps through the whole application/removal process.  I will do my own nails, and photograph the process for you, so that I have pictures to explain what I do.

I first got the idea of doing my own nails, as one of my friends from work has done hers this way for a long time now.  She was very kind and came over one day when I was very pregnant and did my nails using her polishes and lamp, to show me how it all worked.  So, I am very lucky that I had my own Shellac expert on hand to help get me started - thanks Kimberley!!

Firstly, I bought my lamp on eBay.   

I can't find the exact link that I used, but this is just like the lamp I bought (pictured above) - find it here.

At only $25, it is heaps cheaper than the CND ones.  I do find that the bulbs sometimes need to be pushed back into their sockets if I move the lamp around, which seems a bit dodgy, but it always dries my nails perfectly, so for $25 I figure you can't really go wrong ;)  Plus it comes with a 12 month warranty, so if I have any major issues, I will just send it back!  The lamp arrived within just a few days of ordering.  The lamp also has a 2 minute timer, which is perfect as each layer of polish needs to cure for 2 minutes.

Next I ordered my polishes from Salon Supply Store (on eBay).

This is the link to some of the polish that I bought - click here:

You will need a base coat, a top coat and any colours you want.  I ordered a French kit, plus three other colours.  If you Google images of different colours, it shows you what the colours look like on, plus if you Google 'layering' it shows the different colours you can get from using two colours together (one layered on top of another) - which gives you more options!!  

The polishes come from the US - but I ordered mine on a Monday and they arrived the following Thursday, so I was very impressed!!  

The colour of the polish in the photo above is called Beau - it came in the French kit.  I will photograph each of the colours I have for you and share in the next post :)  I love Beau as it is very natural-looking.  I have slight issues with coloured nails, because they don't always match what I am wearing - I know the problems that I have to deal with!!  But anyway, I love this colour as it is just pretties up my plain nails, which is what I like for day-to-day.  There are so many colours to choose from - good luck!!

You will also need Isocol (buy at Woolies) to wipe over them once it is all set.  This removes the sticky residue that is left behind.

As far as actually applying the polish, I will do a post for you soon, with the steps that I go through when I do my nails.  In the meantime, if you look on youTube "How to apply shellac", you will see that there are heaps of good, easy tutorials on what to do.

It takes about half an hour from start to finish, and that includes drying.  It is so easy!!  

And as far as removing the polish, I use an acetone nail polish remover and soak mine (wrapped in foil) for 15 mins, then it easily comes off.  Again, I youTubed how to do it!

I think it cost me around $180 to get started, but I did buy quite a few colours.  You could definitely get started with  only one colour if you are on a budget.  Considering that I use to spend $50 every 3/4 weeks on an acrylic refill, I think it is a great investment.  At first my nails were so weak and brittle, after having had acrylic on them for 12 years!!  It took a while, but now a few months on, all of my nails are hard and strong - I actually have to file them shorter they grow so well!  I don't have to go to a stinky nail salon and wait my turn, I can just change my nail colour at home, in my own time, when I need to!  Perfect for a busy mummy :)


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