Saturday 17 November 2012

Coleslaw Recipe

I just love fresh, crunchy coleslaw.  This recipe was shared with me quite a few years ago, by a very lovely lady I used to work with.  I love making this coleslaw, and everyone always comments that it is delicious and refreshing!  This also makes a great summer meal, when you bake a giant potato and then top it with sour cream, cheese and a big serve of this yummy coleslaw :)

First, put shredded cabbage in a bowl.

Then add a few sticks of sliced celery. 

And a couple of grated carrots.

 And finally, add diced capsicum...

and some sliced shallots.

Then mix altogether in a bowl, and coat with Coleslaw dressing just before serving.  I am sure you could make your own, but I usually use the Kraft Coleslaw dressing, and it is yummy!

There are no specific quantities for this recipe, I usually just add the ingredients and make sure that the colours look balanced, and if they don't then I add more of whatever is missing.  Enjoy!


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