Friday 2 November 2012

Some Baby Presents

I wanted to share with you some of the amazing gifts that we have received since announcing our pregnancy.  We have been so overwhelmed with everyone's generosity, and I am so impressed with how creative people can be when it comes to giving a little baby gift!

I have always found it hard to know what to give an expecting or new mum, so I thought I would share these fabulous ideas you might like to use yourself.

A Handmade Beanie

My mum got knitting straight away (when I was like four weeks pregnant!) and made this teeny tiny beanie!  It is so adorable!  And is sure to be used a lot, as my baby will be arriving in autumn, as the cooler weather starts to set in.


I love this!  My beautiful friend said she used Bio-Oil for the entire pregnancy and has no stretch marks!  What a great tip - bring it on :)

Bodysuits from America

How adorable are these bodysuits that my sister brought back from her recent holiday in America?!  Too cute!!

Baby Scan Frame

I have never seen anything like this before, but I was thrilled when we received this very special gift!  I have been wondering what to do with our baby scan photos (prior to scrapbooking them in the baby's album) and this is the perfect answer!  Now we can pick our favourite and enjoy it all the time.

Handmade Owl Toy

My other sister made us this amazingly gorgeous owl toy!  On one side she has embroidered 'Little Jed' (Mick's nickname) and on the other she has embroidered 'Little George' (my nickname)!  How adorable and thoughtful is this!  We just love it!  You can check out her Facebook page with her many creations here.

Maternity Journal

This is going to be a fabulous keepsake my cousin sent to me, as I document the changes and events that occur throughout my pregnancy...

I have also been given all of these gorgeous baby clothes:

And all sorts of pregnancy books, baby shop catalogues, awesome maternity pants/dresses/tops, and more!

I can't thank everyone enough for spoiling us already!  I thought this didn't happen until closer to the time the baby arrives!


Anonymous said...

What lovely presents, I love in particular the baby scan frame, what a great idea!

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