Friday 24 June 2011

Organising for Christmas - Start Today!

Today is exactly 6 months to Christmas!  Yay!  I just love Christmas - it is such a beautiful time of year, if you are planned and organised for it. 

My family has always celebrated Christmas in the biggest way possible - I have the most wonderful parents who made Christmas a month-long celebration!  On December the 1st, we not only put up the tree, but the house was decked out with festive decorations on every flat and hanging surface.  Mum even swapped the dinnerware over to a Christmas dinnerset for the entire month - and I am so excited that I have finally bought my own Christmas dinnerset this year (in March - it was 60% off!), so I can continue this wonderful tradition in my own home.

So, let's start planning!  It is never too early.  I find the best way to plan is to write lists - lots of lists :)  I found this great free download here, which gives you a great starting point for Christmas planning.

There is no need to spend any money at this point, just print these templates off and your only investment is your time...  Don't feel overwhelmed and think that you have to complete all of the lists in one day.  Do one at a time - take babysteps!  We have 6 months to go - plenty of time to take things slowly without feeling overwhelmed.

I started some Christmas shopping this week -  I bought some presents and also some decorations - yes I found a shop selling Xmas decorations at 50% off!   I have also started bookmarking ideas I see online for handmade gifts.  I love to make gifts for my friends and family - it is so nice to give something from the heart, rather than something you picked up at the last minute in the chaotic shopping centre!  Last year I made personalised wine charms for everyone.  I will write a post about this soon.  It was super easy and I really enjoyed spending the time making the presents for the people that I love. 

My beautiful aunty made these angels for us all in 2009, for our Danish Christmas Eve.  They are so gorgeous!

Christmas is what you make it.  Make your holiday season a magical one in 2011!


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