Sunday 26 June 2011

Scented Garbage Bags

Today I thought I would post about scented garbage bags.  They come in pretty colours and lovely fragrances, and it just makes doing the chore of rubbish that little more enjoyable. 

I try to empty the bin every evening, which includes re-lining the bin with a fresh bag.  It is lovely to be greeted in the morning by an empty, fresh-smelling bin.  There is nothing worse than waking up to a smelly, full bin, that needs to be emptied - yuk!

When I go grocery shopping, I use environmentally friendly bags - these are so much easier to carry the groceries into the house, plus the plastic bags from the supermarket always break/get holes and are useless to use as bin liners.

You can readily get scented rubbish bags at supermarkets, Howards Storage World and $2 shops.  They only cost a few dollars, and I think they are a nice treat!  You can get all different sizes and scents of rubbish bags - vanilla, strawberry, mint, lemon, the list goes on.Try a new one each time, just to shake it up ;)

I keep my bags in a lid tidy, attached to the inside of the door of the cupboard under my sink, where the bin is.  The lid tidy keeps them neat and readily accessible - no excuses for not re-lining the bin straight away!  I try to have a few different sizes - regular sized ones for my bin and daily use, and large ones for when I feel like having a clean-out.

Now, who ever said garbage couldn't be glamorous?!


Sarah said...

Hi there!

I just noticed your blog on Mummy Smiles on FB :)

I am with you 100% with the scented garbage bags! They are wonderful. I love the vailla ones, yummo.

Your lid holder is a fantastic idea, is that from Howards Storage World?

I love your blog already by the way, I will be sitting down for a good read later on with a cuppa x

Cassandra said...

Hi Sarah, welcome to the family!
Vanilla is my favourite too :)
Yes, the lid tidies are from Howard's Storage World - only $4.95 each. I use double sided tape to stick them to the doors, rather than screw them in (as I am a bit useless with a drill!) - make sure you get good quality tape, as the containers fall off if you don't!
Currently, I have 4 lid tidies - one for my digital scales, one for Tupperware iceblock bits and pieces, one for washing up detergent/dishwasher tablets and one for garbage bags. I would love to get more, as it just makes great use of wasted space in the kitchen!
Thanks for stopping by :)

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