Wednesday 15 August 2012

A Little Update - August 2012

My life of late...

A beach walk.

A boat ride.

A baked birthday treat for my beautiful twin sisters.

Aren't these cupcake boxes just adorable?  My lovely work-friend bought them back from America for me last year!

A trip to the award-winning Morgans Seafood at Scarborough on Mick's birthday.

Designing new labels for the folders in my study.

Swooning over my sister's beautiful new lounge, ottoman, cushions and super-soft throw rugs.

Doesn't this combo look like something out of a magazine?!  It is ah-mazing!

Admiring the new Christmas fabric that has hit the stands at Spotlight.

And playing with a new toy...

Relaxing, baking, organising, decorating, crafting, playing, eating...  

Life often gets busy, and the days whiz by!  But when I look back it is surprising how many 'special' things can happen in just a few short weeks.  By taking photos at random times in my day, it means I have a record of the moments that create my life  - and it helps me to appreciate how blessed I am.


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