Tuesday 28 August 2012

Homemade Father's Day Card

On the weekend, I shared some happy snaps from our Father's Day last year.  I showed you the 'shirt' card that I made for my dad - which was so easy to make!  Today I thought I would share how I made it!

First, I chose some double-sided cardstock.  I loved the stripes and the rustic red provides a nice contrast.  I trimmed a little off the top of the card, to make a rectangular shape.

I then folded each end in to meet together in the middle.  I used my scoring board to measure in equal amounts and score the paper, in order to get a nice crisp fold.  I then folded a small triangle back from the centre of each side, to create the collar.  I also glued on three coordinating buttons down the left hand side of the 'shirt'.

Next I made a singlet for inside!  I just drew this free-hand on white card, ensuring it was positioned low enough so that it couldn't be seen out of the top of the collar.

I used a marking pen to draw dashes around the inside edge of the singlet, to look like stitches.

I then wrote my message on the singlet for my dad!

Next, I added a pocket to the right hand side of the shirt (a small rectangle using the card that I originally trimmed off, glued on with the contrasting colour facing out).  I used some foam letters to spell the word DAD.

And finally, I made a little hanky to pop out of the pocket!  Again, I did the dashes around the edge to create the stitches, and I also wrote a little love-note for Dad to find when he slid the hanky out!

And since the card was so large, I didn't have an envelope that would fit, so I simply used a brown paper lunch bag and some of the free printables that I mentioned in yesterday's post here.

This is such an easy project - it could definitely be made by children for their daddy!


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