Tuesday 25 September 2012

Snowman Soup - Christmas Gift Idea

Last year I had a great time making 'Snowman Soup' for lots of colleagues, friends and family!  I first found this idea here on the Organised Christmas website (also where I found all of the printables for my Christmas planner). 

It was really easy to source the bits and pieces I needed to put together my twist on this cute Christmas novelty gift idea.... A little bag of all of the ingredients for hot chocolate, along with this cute little poem to make Snowman Soup:

I heard that you've been good this year,
You've done everything just right.
So here is some Snowman Soup
For you to enjoy one Christmas night.

First, pour the packet into a mug,
Then add water - boiling hot.
Next stir with the peppermint stick,
Then, one last thing that I almost forgot!

That's right, you must add the secret ingredient
To make the perfect Snowman Soup,
It's super-sweet and oh-so tasty...
Drop in the Snowman Poop!

All you need is hot chocolate sachets, candy canes, marshmallows and snap lock bags.

I opened everything out of the boxes/packets, undid all but the individual wrappers, and put them into containers on my table.

I put two marshmallows into each mini snap-lock bag.

I then put these bags of marshmallows onto the 'production line', and added one of everything to each larger sized snap-lock bag.

I pre-printed the bag toppers and Snowman Soup poem - I added the poem into the bag, in front of all of the goodies, and for some of the people that I wanted to write a little personalised message, I added this into the bag too.  Then I sealed the top with a bag topper and two staples.

And for those extra-special people who I wanted to give something a little 'more' to, I added a Christmas coffee cup, a star pick and Christmas jelly lolly into the mix.

I don't have a completed photo, but I put the goodies into the mug and wrapped clear cellophane around the entire thing, and tied it with ribbon, fanning out the cello at the top.

These were a real hit with everyone, they had a little chuckle, and you wouldn't believe it, but we actually had some cooler weather a couple of weeks before Christmas, so I didn't feel like a total weirdo giving out a hot drink in the heat of the Australian summer!

If you would like my template for the Snowman Soup poem and bag topper, feel free to email me at cassandrajed@hotmail.com and I can send it to you.  I used Microsoft Publisher to create it, using the dimensions of the snap lock bags that I had bought.


Lisa (bakebikeblog) said...

what a clever idea!

Natalie @ MummySmiles said...

These are so cute - love the Snowman Poop!!! I love that they are inexpensive but don't look cheap - the perfect balance for Christmas treats (and great to have on hand as spares!)

Cassandra said...

Thanks ladies! It was so simple, and because I worked out how many I wanted to make nice and early, I was able to wait for the hot chocolate to go on special, and also hunt around for the best priced candy canes too! Glad you like them :)

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