Thursday 12 January 2012

Cafe Cassadiva - Beef Wrap Kebabs

In our younger days, my husband and I always used to love getting a kebab on our way home from a night out on the coast.  We always stopped at the same kebab shop, and always ordered the same thing - beef kebab with lettuce, tomato, cheese, tabbouleh, tomato sauce and tahini sauce.  Then we moved away from the coast, and away from our favourite kebab shop!  So, we decided to make our own kebabs, and it has been one of our favourite dinners ever since... (note it has changed from a midnight snack to a dinner snack - we are too old to go out now ;)

1 packet of lebanese bread wraps
500g beef stir fry strips
tomato, sliced
cheese, grated
tabbouleh (found at the deli at the supermarket)
tomato sauce
tahini sauce (found in the health food section of the supermarket)

These are the wraps I usually buy - can be found on Woolies online here.

This is the Tahini that I use - can be found on Woolies online here.

1.  Layer ingredients onto centre of the wrap.  I usually use the order: lettuce, tomato, tabbouleh, cheese, tomato sauce and then I spread tahini on one half of the wrap.  Then add beef strips, once they have been cooked.

2.  Fold the kebabs, and place in sandwich toaster until toasted and cheese has melted.
(Hint - I use a spatula/turner to hold the kebabs flat while I press down the sandwich toaster lid, and then remove it at the last moment.  This helps to ensure that the top 'flap' toasts nice and flat!)

3.  Place a piece of paper towel on a plate, then add a strip of alfoil.

4.  Place the kebab on the towel, and wrap foil around the bottom half of the kebab.


This recipe usually makes around 4-6 kebabs, depending on the size of the wraps and the amount of filling that you put in each one. 

I usually make extras (using up all of the ingredients) and wrap them in paper towel, then in glad wrap.  They make a great lunch the next day, just remove the paper towel (which soaks up any tomato juice) and toast in in the sandwich press until steamy!


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