Saturday 14 January 2012

Car Organisation

I love having storage solutions in my home to keep things organised, but having a system in your car is essential too.  Today I will share with you how I organise my glove compartments/consoles in my car.

I have two levels to my centre console, which is great for the storage of my 'stuff'.

In the top level, I keep my Navman GPS, my hands-free headset for my phone and a tyre gauge (essential for 4WDing trips).

In the bottom level, I keep a beauty case that is filled with my 'car kit'.  This little kit in my car ensures I am always prepared for anything when I am out at about.

A friend gave me this lovely beauty case for my birthday, it was filled with scrummy lotions and potions from Crabtree & Evelyn.  I wanted to use the case for something practical, rather than just stash it in a cupboard... and was delighted the day I realised it would fit perfectly in my car's centre console.

This is what is stored neatly in this case:

- Hand sanitiser gel and wipes
- Tissues
- Sunscreen and zinc
- Insect repellant
- Vomit bags
- Notepad, pen, pencil

I love the little loops around the edge of the inside, they help to hold the bottles and packets in place!

I found this great hand sanitister kit for $2 at Target this week.  I needed to replenish my supply, and loved this kit that also has wipes, which are great for those sticky situations ;)

And in the lid:
- Mirror (that came with the case)
- Sunglass cleaner cloth

I also have a travel box of tissues in this part of the centre console too.

And because everything is stored in here, that leaves my glove compartment pretty empty... It just has my service log and information booklets.

I wonder what case/container you have lying around your house that you could re-purpose into a car kit?!


Anonymous said...

I love the vomit bags! Where do you get these from?

Cassandra said...

My sister gave them to me - she is a nurse, so she can get them from work! I am sorry but I don't know where you can get them otherwise :)

Kaz said...

I love those vomit bags especially the way they twist up and lock into place for messfree disposal. And yes, I can get them from work too. I have to keep them in both cars since I have one kid who is travel sensitive, especially after trips to the playground. I need to definitely repurpose a vanity bag in my car though.

Marissa @ Beautifully Organised said...

You can get them at chemists now :)

Marissa @ Beautifully Organised said...

Love how you organise your car Cassandra :) We must be on the same wavelength, I finished organising my car too a few weeks ago!

Cassandra said...

Excellent! Thanks for sharing that Marissa :)

Cassandra said...

Those bags are so handy, aren't they Kaz? Poor little one who gets travel sick - it is just the worst feeling! Have fun creating your own car kit :)

Cassandra said...

Thanks Marissa! I have just clicked onto your blog - it looks great! Look forward to exploring it :)

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