Monday 9 July 2012

Hair - Fishtail Braid with Side Ponytail

It's been a while since I blogged about hair, so I thought I had better give you an update...

This is a really quick and easy hairdo, which feels just that little bit nicer than a plain old pony tail...

All I do is pull my hair to one side below my ear (the side opposite to my part), and divide the hair into two sections.  I then twist the two sections over the top of each other (like a plait, but with only 2 sections, not 3), and continue horizontally along the nape of my neck, until I reach the base of my other ear.  I then gather the remaining hair together and tie it tightly with a hair band, so that the pony tail falls in front of my shoulder.

In this instance, I straightened the pony tail and added a flower clip to dress it up.

I also sometimes do the fish braid, and instead of leaving a pony tail, I curl the hair and randomly pin it in a messy bun.

Note - I do have to straighten the back of my hair before I start braiding, so that the hair at the back of my head looks straight.  I also pull the two sections down really tightly as I am braiding, in order to avoid lumps and bumps ;)


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