Monday 16 July 2012

Zone 3 - Bathroom and Laundry (Quick Afternoon Jobs for July)

Moving on from last week in Zone 2, we are now in the bathroom and laundry zone.  Well done to all of you who did the daily jobs last week.  I know my kitchen is thanking me for doing them!

This week's Bathroom and Laundry Jobs:

Monday - Wipe over the top of the washing machine and dryer.

Even if you have to reach underneath a bench in the laundry (like I do), get in there and get rid of all of those dust bunnies!

Tuesday - Wipe over switchplates and power points in both rooms.

This one is so easy!  It literally takes two minutes to do this one.  Also do your door handles if you are feeling motivated.

Wednesday - Replenish handwash in both rooms.

Even if your pump is not completely empty, top up the bottle using a refill bottle.  The refills are cheaper and they save the environment.  If you don't have any refill, write it on your shopping list today!

This is my favourite handwash!  It smells lovely!
Thursday - Clean the exterior glass of the shower screen.  

I know we are all good at cleaning the inside of the shower, where all of the soap scum builds up, but this week use window cleaner to clean the outside of the shower screen.  It gets dirty too over time.

Friday - Treat yourself to a bubble bath!

Yes, I call this zone work.  Imagine how clean the bath is going to be after you have had a soak in there with all of those bubbles :)

Have a great week in Zone 3!


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