Saturday 7 July 2012

A Super Salad

I love making salads!  They are so tasty and also so healthy.  There are so many different ingredients that you can add, and I love experimenting with new salads.  I am usually the one who brings salad to a party or bbq, it has kind of become 'my thing'.

I also love experimenting with different ways to 'present' salads.  I often use large platters to serve my salads, as opposed to bowls - this allows me to be creative with the presentation.  It also means that all 'the good stuff' doesn't fall and get lost at the bottom of the bowl!  We all know what it is like digging into a salad bowl and pulling out a whole lot of lettuce, while all of the other goodies are hiding way down below!

Pictured here is a salad I made for my niece's naming ceremony/first birthday - I thought that it looked pretty special, and it was so easy to put together.

Firstly, I laid lettuce on the platter, and then just added each different ingredient as a new layer.  From memory, this salad had lettuce, tomato, cucumber, parsley, red onion, mushrooms, fetta cheese, snow peas and obviously the avocado fanned on top was the finishing touch!  


Bec said...

Yum! Your salad looks great!

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