Sunday 16 December 2012

Christmas Baking Treat - Star Cinnamon Cookies

I decided to bake cookies as a Christmas treat for my staff at work.  I found these adorable square pink baking cups at a variety store, and made a simple little label to stick onto the front, which I cut out with my scalloped punch.

I used the same cookie recipe that I used to make my Easter bunny biscuits earlier this year, which you can find here.  

I baked 200 cookies, and popped 2 into each pink cup for the 100 people I work with.  (It was about half-way through the entire process I asked myself if this was such a good idea!!)

Then I wrapped clear cellophane around the little cup and tied with pink curling ribbon.

I know that pink isn't the most 'Christmassy' colour, but as I was also leaving my work to go on maternity leave, I wanted to leave everyone with one last instalment of my signature colour ;)  I originally had plans for chocolate brownies, or rum balls or tim tam balls to fill these cups, but with the weather being so warm around here lately, I had come up with an idea that wouldn't melt in the heat!  

And even though they aren't chocolate, I really do love these cookies - they are so soft, they just melt in your mouth!  Yum!



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