Wednesday 26 December 2012

My Christmas Cards 2012

This year, I was rather behind with my Christmas preparations, due to the 16 weeks of sickness that I felt at the start of my pregnancy.  Every spare moment was spent resting, so being super-organised for Christmas this year was just not going to happen!

Last year, I put in lots of hours making these handmade Christmas cards.  I loved making them, and I loved giving them.  But this year I needed a solution that was a little less time consuming.  That is when I came up with the idea of a digital Christmas print of my baby bump!

I used one of the free templates from Becky Higgins' 2012 Holiday Cards (click here for all designs), and simply inserted a picture of my belly into the template.  I made a few alterations and saved it as a JPEG and went up to my local Big W store and had 50 printed out.  It took me a morning to organise all of this!  It was so quick.

While waiting for my photos to get developed, I looked around Big W and found these packs of cards.

In a box for $9.99 there was 25 pearlised cards and 25 matching envelopes.  I decided to buy them, as I knew that if I bought cardstock, I would have to cut and then score and then fold it to size, and these  pre-made cards seemed like a quick, easy alternative!  The cards are great quality, and were lovely to write in.

I used double sided tape to attach the digital prints to the front of the cards, no cutting required!

I was really pleased with how quick and easy these cards were to pull together the week before Christmas.  It took quite a few shots to get the right photo, but with a bit of quick editing in iPhoto, I was able to come up with a photo that I liked.

I also loved this photo below, but we thought that if you didn't know it was my belly, it just looked like a big white blob with a bow on it!

I have already started thinking ahead to our first family photo for our 2013 Christmas cards... how fun!


Carly said...

Awesome idea. So cute!

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