Saturday 8 December 2012

Secret Santa - Guess Who? Game

Do you need a creative way to get your Secret Santa to guess who you are?!  At my work, in December we play the game of Secret Santa.  Each day for a week (or two) we provide our Secret Santa buddy with clues (and little presents), so that they can guess who you are.  It is a really fun way to end a busy working year!

I heard about this Secret Santa idea many years ago, and last year, I put it to the test...

I found a cheap Guess Who game at my local variety store.  I re-named all of the characters with names of people on my staff.  I had a LOT of fun doing this, as I tried to match the cartoon faces to the actual people - if you know any of the people named in the picture, you should have a good chuckle if you look closely ;)  To rename the pictures, I scanned the picture cards onto my computer, then opened them in Word and added a text box at the base of each picture to write their name over the store-bought name.  It was really easy to do.

Then, all I did was write a little rhyme to introduce the game, and each day I gave a clue about me.  Just like with the real Guess Who game, the idea is to eliminate people from the competition by pushing their face down.  Then, at the end, you are left with one person!

Unfortunately, my clues mustn't have been the best, as my Secret Santa buddy didn't guess it was me until the very last day!  I think I try so hard not to give obvious clues that sometimes they can be a bit too cryptic!

Nevertheless, this was a really fun and relatively easy twist on the Secret Santa guessing game!


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