Thursday 11 April 2013

Finishing Off Friday - 12th April 2013

Its Friday again!  Already!  How the time flies...

I celebrated my 34th birthday on Tuesday - I had a quiet, but lovely day with family.

This orange cake that my mum baked was so yummy!!  She is always so adventurous with trying different recipes, I really need to be more like her, as I always stick to my old favourites!  Every year, she puts in so much effort with our cakes - on Tuesday she went to 7 different shops to find these gorgeous flowers and gold icing dusting to decorate my cake.  Thanks Mum!  You are the best!  

Here is a peek at my week just gone:


- For the past 8 months, we have been struggling with the hard drive of our Mac being nearly full.  Having thousands of photos in iPhoto has contributed to this, and it has been my goal for some time to get the old photos off the computer and onto an external hard drive, in order to make more space.  The trouble was, that while I was still working with the photos for our albums, I needed them to be in iPhoto so that I had easy access to the photos, their dates, editing tools, etc.  As my albums are now pretty much done, it was time to start moving photos.  I already had a 2 Terabyte hard drive that I was able to reformat for the Mac, which is now set up to back up the entire computer using Time Machine, each time the hard drive is plugged in.  Fabulous!  This is the best feeling!  And there is also plenty of room for photos on there too.

I have been slowly moving photos across and deleting them from iPhoto, creating some much-needed space on the computer.  I find it really hard to organise photos on the Mac external hard drive, I had the best system on my PC (read about it here), but I am still working out the best way to do this in Mac format.  It is also tricky because for the few years that we had the 2 computers, we have photos saved in two places now, so I really need to work out what we have doubled up on, and delete what is unnecessary.  So far, I have done this for 2010.  I still have 2011 and 2012 to go!

- I also took the photos from my new Mac external hard drive, plus the photos from our PC external hard drive and I have burnt the photos to CDs and USB, and have given them to my mum to keep at her house.  This is like our second back-up, should anything happen to the hard drives that I currently have.  I still have 2011 and 2012 to do, but this little pack has our thousands of digital photos from 2006-2010.


- I created and published my Room Reveals page and a Featured page!  These are only the second and third 'pages' that I have ever done on the blog (I had an Easter one up for the month of March), so I am still learning, but I like the idea of having blog posts on similar topics in one central location for readers to access them easily.

Everyone loves a good room reveal, so I thought this would be a good place for me to start!  The Laundry and Nursery links are all live now, and The Study is going to be coming soon.  I know everyone is patiently waiting for this... I promise they are all ready to be published next week (unless we get interrupted by a baby!).  The link to the page is at the top of the blog, beside the Home button.  It is simply called Room Reveals.

And I have had quite a few people ask me for the link to the Party Style Magazine that featured me last month, so here it is, along with a couple of other places that you might have seen me pop up!

- I finally completed and posted my Cook Islands Travel Journal posts on the blog.  It has been almost 2 years since that holiday, and I had never finished publishing Day 3 and Day 4 of my journal!!  I am so glad they are done, as now I can print them out and include them in my photo album, as a great keepsake of the holiday.

- I taught myself how to schedule blog posts!  So, now when I finish a draft, I can pick the day and time I want it to publish itself on the blog, and it will magically appear!  I scheduled all of my posts for this week on Sunday night, so each morning when I woke up, they were already live.  And all I had to do was get onto Facebook and share the link.  I like the idea of having blog posts publish at regular times on the blog, it just makes it seem more organised, and regular readers can know when to check in.  At the moment, I have scheduled the posts for 6am (Queensland time), as I know I love to read my favourite blogs first thing in the morning.  My goal this year was to publish 3 posts per week.  Lately, there have been many weeks when I am publishing 5 per week, which is great!  But I am hoping that 3 is still manageable once the baby arrives - we will see ;)

You will notice that most of the jobs this week have been computer-based or jobs I can do sitting down.  I have really felt the hit of being 38 weeks pregnant, and tire so easily now!  I don't cope very well with doing nothing, but whenever I go out, after about half an hour I am ready to go home again!  So, jobs that I can do sitting down have been at the top of my list, in order to do lots of resting at the same time!  My body is certainly feeling the added burden of a full-term baby living in there, and while I have loved (almost) everything about being pregnant, I think I am almost ready for this baby to come out and meet the world!

I now have my hair and nails freshly done, the house is clean and organised, hospital bags are packed and in the car - we are more than ready!!  Hopefully we will be sharing our news with you really soon!!



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