Wednesday 3 April 2013


Tomorrow I will be 38 weeks pregnant!  How exciting (and overwhelming, and scary, and exhausting, and wonderful... and all of the other emotions that are buzzing through my brain at the moment!).  Just when I think that my belly can't possibly grow another inch, it stretches even further and I wonder what it ever felt like to be normal!

I have loved every moment of this amazing pregnancy journey, and have been so blessed to have had a lovely nine months of growing my little miracle.  Getting here was a different story, but that just makes me even more thankful that I am here, and we are about to embark on a wonderful new adventure!

I have been desperately waiting for the 'nesting instinct' to kick in, and with the final stages of pregnancy, I have found those wonderful bursts of energy popping up at the most unexpected times!

As I have spent the first part of this year so heavily focussed on Finishing Off some big projects, like our study, laundry and nursery, I have certainly neglected a lot of the cleaning around the house.  Each week I still do the floors, bathrooms, washing, etc, just to keep everything looking nice and to keep me sane!  But, when it comes to 'deep cleaning', like wiping out cupboards, dusting cornices and skirting boards, scrubbing the oven, cleaning windows, etc, I have certainly been very slack.

But, as I enter this last little stage of my pregnancy, that 'nesting' instinct is settling in and so far this week, this is what I have cleaned out:

The ensuite cupboards - they were such a mess, and the shelves were quite grotty!  No photos to share sorry - I am not sure that you need to see our personal hygiene products ;)

The kitchen pantry - it needed a tidy, and a good scrub of all of the shelves.  Simply switching a few containers around and cleaning everything out has certainly made a huge difference in here.

The oven - scrubbed inside and polished outside.

The stove - scrubbed and polished.
The rangehood - scrubbed and polished.

The master bedroom - I vacuumed the cornices and skirting boards to get rid of all those dust bunnies and cobwebs.

I washed the mats from the front door and the kitchen.

I feel so much better now!!

They say that you start nesting because your baby isn't too far away, and you want to bring your baby home to a lovely clean house...  I am certainly feeling like this baby is going to be coming into the world really soon!!


Rebecca said...

You look glowing! How lovely for you to soon be welcoming the newest member of your family.

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