Tuesday 16 April 2013

My Study - The Whole Story

I have put together this page so that you can see our Study Make-Over from start to finish.  The photos are all linked to the corresponding blog posts, so just click on the picture to see that part of the story :)

It all started with this... 

My Study - The Before Pictures
Then I got busy...

First, I organised the built-in cupboard with these Plastic Tubs:

I created a Wrapping Station:

Then I decided on the Colour Scheme:

I created new Labels for my Folders:

I designed Container Labels, and decorated my Pencil Cups:

Then I revealed a sneak peek of our progress after the room was painted:

And I re-covered a bar stool for the almost-finished room:

And then I finally revealed the room!!

Here I blogged about How We Made The Workbench:

And here I blogged about How I Organised the 5x5 Expedit:

Hopefully you enjoyed reading about how we made-over our study, as much as I love being in my new creative workspace :)


btsoi. said...

Gorgeous space!!

Kellie said...

Looks amazing!

Cassandra said...

Thanks ladies!!


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