Saturday 13 August 2011

Clip-Tabs: A Paper Clip crossed with a Sticky Note

I received some Clip-Tabs as a gift last year, and since then I have been so impressed with both their functionality and their cute appearance.

Basically, they are a paper clip that sits inside a small tab made of coloured cardstock.  They serve the purpose of holding together multiple sheets of paper, as well as have a tab that can stick out the top/side, and be labelled for easy identification in the future.

I have these gorgeous tabs in both pink and purple shades, and they just add a dimension of 'prettiness' to everything that they are used for!

The thing I use them most for is my diary.  Now, over the years I have trialled lots of different types of diaries.  Now that I use my Outlook calendar as my diary, I don't need a paper copy of a diary as well, so my diary is more like my list of jobs and projects and meeting follow-ups.

I have laminated the tabs I use for my diary, just to add extra strength and durability.  They make finding my lists super-easy and I just love the awesome colour designs that greet me whenever I open up my lists of jobs :)

You can read more about them on the Clip-Rite website here.  I purchased mine at Big W, they are around $8 for a pack of 36 (I think!).  They come in a great plastic dispenser stand, which makes it easy to store them also.

Happy clipping and tabbing!!


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