Tuesday 6 September 2011

Decorating the Home Entrance

A person's first impression of your home is at the front entrance.   A few months back I decided that I needed a little something to meet and greet us (and our visitors) each time we come in the front door.

This is what I came up with!

I love the flowers so much!  I just bought 3 little punnets of potted colour from the nursery and planted them in these lovely pots...  Last week when it rained I lifted the pots off the stand and left them out in the rain for a few days.  Now I have more blooming flowers that I had ever imagined!  (This photo is from a while back.)  They just loved soaking up the pure water, and they probably enjoyed the sunlight that shined through on them too.

I found  the Welcome sign at a local nursery (Nielsen's Native Nursery at Loganholme).

I found the mushrooms and birdies at a discount store.   I call the birds our 'lovebirds' ;)

And I bought the pots at our local Ormeau nursery and the stand at Target.

I just collected the bits and pieces over a week or two and then finally put it all together to create this lovely little space at the front of our home :)

As it is the first week in September, we are back in Zone 1.  This zone is dedicated to your Front Entrance and Porch.  What can you do to spruce up this area of your home?

And next time it rains at your place, remember to put your potted plants outside for a bath.  If it doesn't rain for a while, you can always give your plants a shower - just place them in the base of the shower in the bathroom and run the water for a few minutes.  The leaves get nice and clean, any dust is washed away that wouldn't normally disappear with a regular water from a watering can.  Within days your plants with be rejuvenated and they will make you smile as they glow :)


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