Tuesday 10 January 2012

Cafe Cassadiva - Mango Champagne Cocktails

These would have to be the easiest and most delicious cocktail ever!  My lovely sister makes them on Christmas Day for the family, and we just love them!  They are perfect in warm weather, so refreshing!

1 bottle of sparkling wine (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)
1 tub Weis Mango Sorbet

1.  Strain the sorbet, ensuring that all lumps and bumps are gone.

2.  Put a few spoonfuls of sorbet in a champagne or cocktail glass.

3.  Slowly pour sparkling wine into glass, fill to top.

4.  Carefully stir sorbet and wine until a nice smooth consistency is reached.  If it looks 'seperated' (as above) add extra sorbet and keep stirring until it is 'combined' - aka perfect.



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