Thursday 29 March 2012

Easter Decorating (At Work)

So, everyone knows I love to decorate!  Special occasions are a great excuse to 'change the scenery'!  My office buddy and I decided to dress up our office with some delightful Easter decorations!

We popped window stickers onto the window that faces the hallway outside our office.

We replaced the black pom poms and white lanterns (which you can see here) for Easter eggs and hanging swirls.

We hung an Easter banner across the window...

And popped little chicks along the base of the window.

This gorgeous Easter basket is on our little coffee table - filled with bunnies from my very generous colleagues!

And we switched the regular lollies in the lolly jar for Easter eggs.

We have had so many visitors this week, dropping by to say they love our happy work space!  It is nice and refreshing for us to work in, as we count down the last few days until our holidays.  And it is even more wonderful to see so many people enjoying our handiwork :)  The spirit of Easter is in the air!


There Was a Crooked House said...

Cute as Cass!

Cassandra said...

Thanks Jade! It made our last week so much more fun!

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