Sunday 2 March 2014

Organising Baby Cards

Last year we received a lot of cards to congratulate us on the arrival of our precious baby girl - lots at the baby shower, and then lots more once Annabelle had arrived. If you know me, you would know love cards! I love making them, I love writing them and I love giving them, and of course I love receiving them.

I think it is important to hang onto cards for special occasions as they are a wonderful keepsake of the event. My mum glued all of our baby cards and birthday cards into giant scrapbooks, which we have looked back on many times over the years. I decided that I wanted to do something similar for Annabelle so when we were given this gorgeous baby album as a gift, I knew it would be perfect for this job!

I kept it really simple and just glued the cards randomly into the album using an adhesive tape runner. I put the baby shower cards at the front, then the baby girl cards next. There is still plenty of spare pages to add in more cards too. I love looking at these cards - there is so much pink and glitter and sparkles!! So pretty!!

It only took me half an hour one evening to stick the cards into this album and now they are all stored safely away for us to look back on in coming years.

We were simply overwhelmed by the amount of cards, gifts and well wishes that flooded in when Annabelle arrived! It is so lovely to have friends and family welcome our precious bundle into their lives so warmly - thank you!


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