Monday 12 December 2011

Christmas Cooking - Strawberry Santa Hats

Aren't these the cutest little Santa hats you have ever seen?!  I was delighted when my cousin brought some along to our family Christmas party last week - I haven't seen anything like them before!  So, I couldn't wait to have the chance to re-create some of my own...

All you need is some strawberries, white chocolate, cocount and mini marshmallows.

 Melt the chocolate buds (I do mine in the microwave), and place dollops of the chocolate onto baking paper.  Try to make the dollops a little larger than the base of the strawberries that you have.

Then sprinkle dessicated coconut on top, to create the furry base to your hats!

 Leave them on the bench to set a little, while you cut the tops off the strawberries, and use additional melted chocolate to 'glue' the marshmallows on to create the 'pom pom' of your hat!

Then, once the bases are little firm, place the strawberries on top.  It is a bit tricky to know when to pop the strawberries on  - don't let the chocolate go too firm, otherwise the strawberries won't set into it.  But if the chocolate is still warm, the strawberries just squash the chocolate dollops down and the base is too thin!  I am sure you will work it out :)

My cousin's awesome Santa Hats!
And there you have some gorgeous little Strawberry Santa Hats to take to your next Christmas celebration!


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