Friday 16 December 2011

My Brown & Gold Christmas Theme - 2007

I have had requests to share my Christmas decorating with you, but I haven't had a chance to take the photos yet.  So, I found these photos from Christmas 2007, and thought I would share them with you in the meantime!

I had the brown and gold theme back then too, which has definitely made me realise that next year I need to try something new!  But it looks so pretty, that I thought I would share....

The Tree

I made the skirt using some left-over suede fabric from a couch cover that I made, with gold tinsel stapled around the edges!  It is impossible to buy a brown and gold tree skirt!
The brown and gold wrapping:
Gold paper, brown belly band and gold curling ribbon on top
Gold paper with brown curling ribbon

And that is all the photos that I have!


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