Friday 16 December 2011

A Very Special Christmas Gift for Someone Who Likes Pegs!

I just have to share this awesome gift that my beautiful friends gave me last night...

Isn't it just the best idea ever?  Handmade by a very talented three-year old and his mummy, this is certainly the type of gift that makes me smile :) 

I am not 100% sure how they did it, as I didn't want to pull apart all of their hard work!  But it looks like the arms of the snowflake (pipecleaners) were twisted together in the centre, and then another pipecleaner was wrapped in a circular motion around the centre of the snowflake. 

The red by itself is so effective against the white pegs.

And the white snowflake with the red centre looks just as stunning!

What a simple idea, but it looks amazing - and of course I just LOVE the white pegs that I can add to my collection ;)  You all know I have a slight obsession with white pegs!

Thanks Jennie!!  You are very thoughtful (and clever!).  Merry Christmas to you! xxx


Anonymous said...

thats great!

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