Friday 16 December 2011

Christmas Cooking - Tiny Teddy Sleighs

This is a really fun cooking activity to do with the kiddies!  I do not take credit for thinking of this idea - as per usual, I have just copied an idea that I have seen elsewhere :)

All you need is candy canes, milky ways, tiny teddies and some chocolate melts.

First, make a slit in the top of the Milky Way bars.  This makes it easier to push in the Tiny Teddies later on.

Melt the chocolate buds, and spread the chocolate over the base of the Milky Way:

Press the Milky Way onto two candy canes, as seen in the picture below:

Note that I bought a pack of fun sized Milky Ways, and because they are only bite size, I could fit two onto a large candy cane - and that is why I have a 'double sleigh'.  You could use mini candy canes with the fun size bars, or you could use one regular sized Milky Way with the long candy canes.

And finally, press the Tiny Teddy into the chocolate bar, to give your sleigh some passengers!


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