Tuesday 27 December 2011

Christmas Gift with Handmade Touch - Joy Frames

I first saw this awesome idea on the Eighteen 25 blog, here.  I loved the simplicity of the idea, and I also love that it can be something that is switched out on a different holidays and celebrations throughout the year.  So, I decided that this would be my handmade gift for 2011. 

Months ago, I messaged my friends and family to see what their Christmas colour theme would be this year, in order to personalise the gifts.  So, although everyone essentially gets the same present, each one is made especially for them :)

I started to gather my supplies back then also. My aunty gave me a few boxes of scrapbooking and crafting supplies, which included a big bag of cardboard letters.  She said it was more hassle than it was worth, because there were so many different shaped and sized letters, it was impossible to create any words.  Well, that was just a challenge for me!!  I set out sorting the letters into alphabetical order, using recycled plastic donut trays.  You wouldn't believe it, but I ended up with a huge pile of letters for each letter of the alphabet, and I was able to make a total of 11 sets of the word JOY!  Thanks Aunty Pia!  And I love that there are lots of different shapes of the letters, so every set is slightly different, again helping to personalise the gifts.

I put each set of letters into a divided container, so that I knew how many sets I had - and I knew they would be safe.

After sorting the letters, I first painted the letters using a craft paint.  This helps to ensure that if the glitter misses a spot, you can't really notice it, as the paint is there, and not just plain cardboard. Make sure you paint the sides of the letters thoroughly too.  I used gloves to pick up each letter and rotate it, so that I could see all sides and make sure the entire letter was coated in paint.

Once the paint was dry, I then coated the letter using PVA glue.

Next, sprinkle the glitter onto the letter, holding the letter over a piece of paper. 

Then fold the paper and pour the excess back into the container when done.

I used the glass out of the frames as a template to trace the backing paper, and then cut out the three pieces of backing for each set.  I used scrapbooking cardstock, wrapping paper and coloured paper.  The thicker the paper/card the better, as thin paper tends to crease once the glue dries.

And then I used PVA glue to stick the letters to the backing colour.  And finally mounted them in the frames.

Here are some of the creations:

Red and White

Pink and Silver


Red and Green

I was so excited when I found these sets of three frames, as they came in a gift box, so I could present the set of three perfectly to gift wrap. 

I also added a little 'Made with Love' sticker on the back (which I had actually bought for baking), so that my friends and family can look back and remember who gave it to them and when.

In order to make the presents a little more substantial, for those people that I like to spend a little more money on, I made a few additions to the presents.

I was delighted to find these red glitter snowflake mats, which made the perfect addition to the red gift sets.

And I found these lovely purple tea towels, which make a nice accompaniment to the purple set.

I love making gifts for people, rather than going shopping for presents.  I find it very relaxing to do crafts, and it is very satisfying knowing that the presents that I am giving I have invested a lot of thought and energy into.  And, hopefully you can see how easy it is to make the same gifts in bulk, yet personalise them for the different special people in your life!


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