Friday 20 April 2012

My New Laundry - Base Cabinet Organisation

Today we will continue our tour of the laundry cupboards!

The cupboard under the sink has a bin in it, which is actually one that attaches to the door and opens automatically as the door opens - but we haven't got around to hanging it yet.  I also have my 'Pegs' caddy in here.  I am not sure that I will use it for pegs, but I just wanted to buy the complete set of tins that were for sale, and I am sure that I will find a use for an additional caddy sometime in the future!  I also keep my wash bags for my delicates in the cute white tin, and spare microfibre pads for my Sabco mop on the top shelf.  I put another removable hook in here on the inside of the door, to hold a hand towel.  Because of the big glass door beside the sink, I couldn't really hang a towel holder by the sink, so I decided that inside this door was my next best option.  I keep spare hand towels in this cupboard too.

The mini cupboard beside the drawers I have actually managed to jam pack a lot of random bits and pieces into!

It perfectly fits my battery storage container (which you can read about here), my pink tool kit (I can never find anything in Mick's toolbox!) and spare light bulbs on the top shelf.

Down the bottom I have my wheelie bin bags (the bins are kept just outside the laundry, so this makes it easy to replace the bag on my treasured bin day).  Down here we also have our container of shoe polish - we use it so infrequently, but it is something that we do need to have on hand so we can shine those shoes if need be, and also some cans of spray paint stashed right at the back.

The drawers are obviously for lots of sewing supplies, and I am currently debating with myself as to whether I like the drawers bases being white, or if I want to line them with pink drawer liner...  You can see I am trialling some of each - it usually takes me a while to decide!  I will let you know my final choice ;)

The drawer organisers I picked up from Howards some time last year - they are great because some of the little dividers are movable - so you can switch them around to best suit your needs.

The rest of the drawers are currently empty, waiting to be filled with more craft supplies!

And finally, my two shelves that are designed to hold the washing baskets, which I mentioned in my first post about my new laundry.  I wanted them to have a home in the room, not just sitting on the bench, but I also wanted them to be easy to grab when I need to use them.  By omitting the door on this cupboard, we created cubby-holes for each basket, which is exactly what I wanted!  And they have been so great!  I can't wait to spraypaint my new baskets and make a pretty fabric liner for them... also thinking that I will get my lovely sister to embroider labels on them too!  I am thinking Wash and Iron.

So there you have it!  LOTS of fabulous storage space, and you can see that I have oodles of spare room in here too, which is comforting knowing that with each new project I do, there are always left over bits and pieces that need a home until they are used for something else!

I guess my biggest tip with organising cupboards is to measure the space that you have and try to find the boxes/baskets/containers that best fit into the space.  Trust me, I know how long it can take to find 'the right fit', but it is definitely worth the wait in the long run.  So often I see wasted space in people's cupboards because they are not using all of the space that they have available.  Space is precious in our homes, especially if we want to be organised... Take the time to consider what is going to be the best fit for the space and you won't look back!

Read more about My Laundry Make-Over here.


Alyce @ Blossom Heart Quilts said...

Looks great! Good work being so organised.

Cassandra said...

Thanks! It takes a while to work out the best place for everything, I always try to think 'what would be logical to store here?' - looking at what is nearby. I am sure that there will be many switches and changes in the future too!

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