Saturday 16 June 2012

My New Laundry - Plumbing & Tiling

In our new laundry, we put in an Ikea Domsjo Sink (which I can't find on the website for some reason). I love the ceramic, rather than stainless steel!  It is a fabulous size, nice and wide and deep - I am sure it will be used for a multitude of purposes over coming years.

We chose this Mixer Tap from Mitre 10:

The best part about it is that it has a pull out hose.  This is so great to wash out the sink, as you just pull the hose down and aim water to wherever it is needed!

I also love having a mixer, as my old tap had the separate hot/cold turn handles (which would fall off every time I used them!).  It is so much easier, especially when you have dirty hands.

We debated a fair bit about the splashback for the sink area.  We considered tiling the entire wall (the space between the top cupboards and the bench), we looked at coloured glass, laminate and DIY splashbacks from Ikea.  We decided that tiling the entire wall would be costly, time consuming, and quite unnecessary, so we ruled this out.  But our next issue was the height and width of the splashback, as we needed to cover the patch on the wall where the old splashback had been pulled away.  Although Mick had re-sheeted the wall to cover the hole, there was a very visible join in the giprock, which we aimed to cover up.  Our cheapest option ended up being tiles, and after not-too-much hunting around we found these fabulous tiles that were the perfect height to cover the join, and they were also the perfect width too!

The other bonus was since there are only a few tiles, it was really quick and easy (so I say from my 'foreman' perspective) for Mick to glue them up, as opposed to lots of little tiles, which obviously take more time because they are so fiddly.  Because we only need a few tiles, I think this splashback cost a total of $32!

And finally, for the washing machine hoses, we lowered the taps so that they sat below the bench.  It looks much nicer up top from that way :)  The mess is all down underneath!

My hubby moved them down, but we got a plumber in to re-connect them and make sure that they were all plumbed properly.  Paying a little extra now is definitely worth avoiding a flood for a little mistake down the track.

The floor tiles we have just left the same, as much I would love new flooring, these cream tiles are really quite practical and do the job, so there is no need for a facelift just yet :)

Make sure you check out the rest of our laundry reno!  It is has been one epic journey for us!


Darryl Iorio said...

The pull-out hose made it quite elegant, I must say! It should give you the luxury to clean the sink without any hassle. And yes, I think you made a great decision on ruling out the matter of tiling out the whole wall. The splashback that you chose is simple yet really appealing! :)


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