Wednesday 29 August 2012

20 Days to Clean and Organise Your Home with the Organised Housewife

Have you been over to visit the Organised Housewife lately?  She is setting us a challenge:

Are you joining in the challenge?  I have been a little out of routine lately, lots happening around here, so I think this is just the thing to help me to get back on track!

The pre-challenge tasks are being released this week...

The first pre-challenge is to set up a binder, which will house all of the printable pages that detail the daily challenges.  After a little consideration, I decided that I didn't want another big binder for this project.  My home office is overflowing with binders!!  I find that I don't really like having a big binder out on my bench, as it takes up too much space.  And if it is on the shelf, you can bet that I will either forget about it, or just think its too big and cumbersome to drag out every day.

I recently changed my Daily Planner to an A5 binder, which has been working a treat!  You can read about it here.  I have been trialling and refining the templates that I am using, and I must say that this is a system that I am loving!

So, in order to make this challenge simply slot into my current system, I decided that I would slot the printable pages into my Planner.  This way, they are always at my fingertips, and I have no excuse for not keeping up!

I have printed my cover sheet at 75%, so that it perfectly fits in my A5 binder.  I will print all of the sheets to this scale.  I am looking forward to doing some Spring cleaning and getting my house back on track, ready for warmer seasons!

Make sure you pop over and check it out!  Kat is fabulous at breaking everything into bite-sized pieces, which makes it all so manageable!  You can visit her here.


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