Wednesday 3 October 2012

Cash Stash - Money Savings Envelope (Part 4)

I still have to reveal two more ways to help you see your Cash Stash grow before your eyes!

4) 'Left Over' Money

This one applies if you already have a budget, out of which, you set yourself a weekly spending limit.  As I mentioned previously, I give myself a fortnightly allocation (in cash) for the areas of groceries, petrol and spending money (which is my little splurge fund - which I use for things like shopping, eating out, nails, homewares, etc).

At the end of the week (or fortnight/month - however you budget), any money that you have left over from your spending money gets popped into the cash stash.  Even if it is just $2, make sure that you move it over! I also put away any extra money that left in my groceries/petrol fund - sometimes there is lots, other times there is none!  But just by knowing that ALL left-over money goes into your Cash Stash, it helps me to be more budget conscious when I am shopping, because I know that any thing that I don't spend will go straight into my Cash Stash and put me one step closer to achieving that short-term goal!

Ok, so there are four ways to make your Cash Stash grow and flourish!  And I tell you, once you see that money growing, you want to contribute more money to it.  Tomorrow I will reveal the last way that you can help you to achieve your financial goals sooner.


Kylie K said...

Thanks for sharing your cash stash money saving with us. I'm trying hard to stick to the rules each day and so far so good. However I'm finding myself wishing for a purse with sections like yours. It would make things easier and I love the colour of yours. So could you please tell me where you purchased it?

Cassandra said...

Hi Kylie,

I purchased my purse (and matching handbag) a few years ago at a shop called Victoria's Station, located at Harbour Town on the Gold Coast. The purse is the brand - Guess. It took me a little bit of hunting to find the right one, but I was so glad when I finally found it!
Good luck with your savings! It gets easier once you see the money pile up :)


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