Friday 5 October 2012

My Study - New Folder Labels

I just love holidays!  I have made so much progress on my study make-over in just a week, compared to the last 11 weeks of the school term!  Just look at how 'refreshed' my old folders look with their new labels:

Today I thought I would share an update of my folder situation, within the study makeover.  I have made new labels for my dozens of ring binder folders that hold lots of my school resources.  You might remember this unsightly mess, which was inside the cupboard of my 'old' study.

The plans for my new-look study have changed over recent months, I became realistic about my budget, so my original plans for floor to ceiling cupboards on two walls of the room have had to be pushed aside for now.  I decided that I couldn't fit the folders in the study without these new cupboards, and also due to the super-sized workbench that I want to put in the middle of the room.

So, I have kept the folders in the same bookshelf they were previously stored in, and we have moved it into our garage for now.  I spent hours culling lots of files out of the folders, as previously the folders were overflowing out of the shelves, and stacked on the floor of the wardrobe.  I have managed to squeeze it all into the given space, which is great!

I made new labels to make the shelves look streamlined, and I have put the folders in alphabetical order for easy reference.

I am happy with how this turned out, and it has created so much space in my study for other things that I use much more frequently, but they are still easily accessible for when I need them.


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