Wednesday 26 October 2011

DIY Home Decor - Placemat Wall Art

This is a quicky, easy idea that I came up with many years ago now.  I wanted to decorate my house, but money was tight, so I had to be creative!

I decided to make my own artwork by gluing cork-backed placemats onto painted sheets of MDF - a really easy thing to do (with the help of my handy hubby), which have hung proudly in my home for the past few years.  I don't have step-by-step pictures, as I did it so long ago, but hopefully with my instructions and the measurements provided, you can have a go at making some yourself, if you like the idea!

The first step was to find placemats that I liked - I was lucky enough to find these brown and red themed placemats, which would perfectly match my home decor! 

Next, we bought sheets of MDF and Mick cut it to size for me.  We used the measurments of 45cm wide x 40cm high.

I then primed and painted the MDF, using an undercoat and then a matt brown paint.

Once that was dry, we glued the placemats onto the centre of the boards using liquid nails.  To centre the placemats I measured in 7cm from the top and 6cm from the side, on each corner.

We then measured and marked the back, attaching hanging wire out of a picture hanging kit.  (I tried to find a link to a set at Bunnings or Mitre 10, but had no luck - you can see the type of kit that I mean here.)

First, we drew a horizontal line 11.5cm from the top, and marked 8.5cm in from each end, to attach the screws in the anchors for the wire.

And finally, my 'Placemat Art' was ready to hang! 

I have these three hanging in the lounge room.

And I have this one in the spare room, above the guest bed. 

I also have 2 spares, so I can hang them on other hooks around the house when we feel like a change in scenery, or rotate the current ones from time to time.

Make sure that you send me some pictures if you have a go at this yourself :)  I would love to see your creativity!


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Solar Panels said...

These look great..what a lovely idea to make your own art work. Thanks for the inspiration..I will post a pic of mine.

Cassandra said...

Thanks - would love to see yours too!

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