Saturday 22 October 2011

Pink Tea Party Decorations

Today I thought I would share with you some really simple decorations I used for a little Pink Tea Party that I had with some girlfriends recently...

I generally don't go shopping before an event with a colour theme in mind.  I am more inclined to just pick things up when I am out and about, and then the day before an event I have a rummage through my party boxes and see what I can create using the supplies that I have!  I find that if I am searching for something in particular, I can never seem to find it, and by making do with what I have, it forces me to be a little creative!

So, I started with this lovely pink striped table runner/fabric/scarf that one of my lovely friends bought me overseas.  It provided the perfect base for a pink party table!  Then I added these great rectangular doilies, which I picked up recently at Dollars and Sense.  They are so pretty and girly, and provide a great contrast on the pink base.  I then put out these two pink ice-cream sundae scented candles from Ikea (you can find them here) on the two end doilies. 

And then I added this two-toned pink tissue paper flower that I made that morning to the centre of the table(you can see how I make them here).   And then to give height to the table, I arranged these gorgeous pink polka dot napkins into wine glasses.

So, while this might look a little sparse to some, I tend to keep the table decorations to a minimum, because once the food is served, all of the lovely decorations are put to the side, and you don't get to appreciate them so much anyway.  By having a few simple yet effective pieces, you can create a lovely first impression for your guests, without creating too much work for yourself, before, during and after the event.

Finally, I always like to add a little take-home treat for my tea party guests.  This time, I decided to wrap up a little pack of scented tissues using hot pink tissue paper.  I then added a row of lace I cut from one of the doilies, and then topped it with a little cupcake lip-gloss.  It looked super-cute, and it is always nice to give people a little something to take away to remember the time you shared together.  These ones looked so pretty the girls didn't realise they were a present - they thought they were part of the decorations!

So, hopefully, this gives you some cheap and easy ideas for your next girly get-together :)


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