Monday 24 October 2011

How To Keep Brown Sugar Soft

I think I have found the solution to this age-old dilemma! 

There is nothing worse that going to the pantry for some brown sugar, only to find (even despite being stored in air-tight Tupperware container) that the sugar is hard, and I need to somehow scrape out enough for the recipe that I am trying to make, as it is stuck together in big hard clumps...
So, I did a bit of research, and discovered that this happens because the sugar dries out and the molasses used to keep it brown (most brown sugars are white sugars, with molasses added back) hardens and sticks it together like glue.  So, the solution to the problem is to add a marshmallow to the container.  Apparently, the moisture in the marshmallow is slowly 'sucked out' by the sugar, hence the sugar does not dry out. 

I can confirm that this DOES, in fact, work!  I bought new brown sugar a few months back, put it into the container along with a marshmallow, and I am pleased to announce that the sugar is still light and fluffy :)
Give it a try!  I am sure that you won't be disappointed ;)


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