Saturday 8 October 2011

My Ultimate Camping Checklist

I recently had a lovely week-long holiday with my husband at Bargara Beach, near Bundaberg in Queensland.  We both love camping, and while we are used to the remoteness of beach camping on Moreton Island, we do appreciate the facilities when we do camp in caravan parks.  The running water and electricity sure do make things easier.  But the downside of this type of camping is that you are surrounded by other campers.  No matter what type of camping that you do, it is important to be prepared and pack sensibly.  That is why I created the ultimate Camping Checklist, which you can download here.

This checklist includes everything that we take away, whether it be remote camping on an island with limited facilities, or in a campground with a powered site.  Your trip is so much more enjoyable when you pack all of the items that you need, and leave unnecessary items at home.  I am sure that you would agree that it is more of a hassle to pack, transport and then unpack items that don't get used at all on a trip!  But it is also essential to be prepared for any situation...

This checklist gave me peace of mind as we left the house, and I wasn't thinking to myself, 'I hope I haven't forgotten anything!'.  I knew that I had everything in tow, and that made for a lovely start to our trip, and a lovely holiday away being able to access everything that we needed along the way.

Make sure you let me know if you think I missed anything off the checklist :)


shayla said...

i really like your lists. Is there a way to print them out without joining docstoc which has a fee?

Cassandra said...

Hi Shayla,

You shouldn't have to pay DocStoc? That is disappointing! If you email me at I will send you the files :)


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