Monday 4 July 2011

I Love Matching Pegs

Ok, we all have our quirks and one of mine would have to be that I must have matching pegs to hang out the washing!  Some of you will nod your heads in agreement, others will shake your heads in dismay.  Whatever your reaction, I am sorry, but it does my head in to not match!

So, while this isn't really a big deal, it can mean that hanging out washing is a little stressful for people like me!  The dilemma is which colour peg to use for which colour clothes - red pegs for red clothes and blue pegs for blue clothes - that's easy.  But what happens when you don't have pegs to match the clothes??  And what happens when someone else hangs out your washing and they don't use matching pegs?  Shock, horror - we must go and re-do it!  I know that a friend of mine had to get her mother-in-law to come over everyday to hang out the washing after she had a caesarean to deliver her baby boy, because her hubby just wasn't doing it 'right'.

Well, my advice is to simply use white pegs.  This eliminates all of the above stress factors!  No un-matching colour pegs to coloured clothes (as all pegs are white), no re-doing the pegs if someone else doesn't use matching pegs (because they can't go wrong with all white), time is saved by not fishing through the basket for a matching pair, and best of all, a stress-free washing experience!

For those of you with a peg obsession like me, you will know that the best brand of pegs is Reva, but you will also know they only come in packs containing white, blue and red pegs.  So, my mum is lucky when I need new pegs, because I take out all of the white ones and she gets all of the blue and red (she doesn't have peg issues like me ;).
One of my dear girlfriends once gave me a snaplock bag full of my favourite white pegs for Christmas, because she thought it was hilarious that I only use white - let me tell you, this was a fabulous present!!

So there you have it - hopefully that helps those of you with issues like me.  And hopefully I amused those of you who think that matching pegs is ridiculous :)


Michelle said...

I've just stumbled on this and it made me smile. My mother is an obsessive peg matcher too. I don't think I've inherited it, but I always only use white pegs! (bit fat ones for arthritic hands and they come in packs of 25 only in white - YAY!)

Cassandra said...

Hi Michelle,

I am glad there are other 'peg matchers' out there! And I would love to see what you did if you were given a pack of multi-coloured pegs... I have a sneaking suspision that you might be a matcher too :)

Keep smiling!

Anonymous said...

I have the same obsession. Find I cannot use the coloured ones at all. My Mum used to say hang it with white and it will come out right. I have just been trying to buy all white pegs. (no luck)

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