Friday 6 April 2012

An Easter Table Setting for Little People

I was very lucky to have three very special little visitors at my house earlier this week!  I took great pleasure in creating a really simple, yet fun Easter table for little people :)

I am sure that you recognise the plates to be from Ikea.  They are just the best little plates!  At only $2 for a set of 6, I have certainly got my value out of these babies over the years :)  I just chose the colours that best suited the Easter decorations that I had... although green was a must-have, as my favourite little man is just obsessed with the colour green at the moment!!

Each place setting had an Easter bon bon and a plastic Easter egg.

The bon bons were fabulous!  I just picked them up at a variety store for $2 for 6, and they cracked open magnificently, revealing a hat and Easter stickers for the kiddies!

The plastic eggs are in shops everywhere, and I just popped in 4 Easter M&Ms.  They loved shaking the eggs and guessing what was in there... And then on course they loved eating the chocolates.

Another hit was these cute little rabbit masks, that were from our local IGA.  Again only $2 for a set of 4.  I just hung them over the back of the chairs, and they proved to be very entertaining for the night too!

This was a really simple and cheap table to set, and seeing the looks on their gorgeous little faces when they first saw it was just priceless :)


Natalie said...

You are such a beautiful and generous soul Cassi! I can imagine your little friends had an amazing time!

Cassandra said...

Oh, thank you Nat!! That is very sweet :) I love doing things like this - I think I get as much enjoyment out of putting it together as they do of actually experiencing it!

Anonymous said...

Such lovely ideas Cass, very inspiring.Thanks

Cassandra said...

Thanks! xx

Rachael said...

Thank you so much Cass for the lovely Easter Dinner. The girls absolutely LOVED your gorgeous easter table setting that was just the right size. They were thoroughly entertained with the bon bons, easter masks and the surprise plastic eggs. A real hit with the litle people!!!!

Cassandra said...

It was my pleasure, Rach! So glad they enjoyed themselves :)

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