Wednesday 4 April 2012

The Year of Good Hair

When I sat down at the start of the year to write my goals for 2012, I decided that 2012 was going to be The Year of Good Hair!  Now to most people this probably seems bizarre, because while most people don't particularly like their hair, they have managed to find a style or do that suits their hair and don't particularly worry about it.

Well, I have REALLY BAD hair.  I am not just saying it, I really do have bad hair.  I get my hair from my Mum, and if it's any indication of what it is naturally like, our hairdresser says Mum has 'steel wool hair'.  Our hair is just wild, frizzy, wavy and out of control. 

This is after blow-drying...
A gazillion fly-aways!!
I do attempt to tame mine with my hair straightener... and it generally looks ok after about half an hour of straightening.

A big improvement after straightening...
But still no guarantees it will hold for the duration of the day.

So, rather than worrying about straightening my hair everyday, I almost always tie it back for work.  My favourite hair do for work is a pony tail with a ribbon that matches the colour of my outfit.  Pretty exciting right?!  No!  How boring is that!  But without spending forever styling my hair in the mornings, I didn't have too many options.

I feel so much better with nice hair, and I never go out without having done something to my hair.  I do not have hair that I can wash and let air dry.  Nor do I have hair that I can wake up and go in the morning.  That is life, I have learned to live with that fact.

So, my mission this year is to 'embrace my wave' and make the most of the hair that I have.  My first step was to upgrade my hair products.  One of my favourite blogs for hair (yes - I have a favourite hair blog!) is The Small Things.  Kate is a hairdresser and she has videos and blogs on all sorts of hair styles, products, accessories and more!  So, I have converted my hair products to her recommended faves - a whole range of fabulous Redken products (I don't use volumiser)...

Then I decided I needed to learn how to curl my hair.  I ordered a curling iron, but as of yet, haven't been able to get it to curl my hair very effectively using it.  Erin from The Sunny Side Up blog does her hair beautifully with a curling iron, but I just can't get it to work right. 

Nevertheless, I knew I could curl with my straightener, so I watched Kate's vlog on curling hair, and I was successful at mastering the technique!  I will warn you, curling can be addictive!  It is such a rewarding process, seeing the little curl spring out of the straightner and bouncing up to create a whole new look :)  It is so much fun!

While I really love my curled hair, I still am not convinced that this is the best style for me, as I still have to straighten my hair before curling it and this is really time consuming...  But, I do think it is the best hair do as far as 'staying in' goes.  Although, I have curled a couple of times on windy days and it does tend to fall out.  So, I have been going with curls for non-windy or wet days, and straight on dry, windy days.  It is progress, and I am sure I will get there.

I have not only been wearing my curls down, but up too.  I will share some photos soon of some of the styles I have been wearing lately!  Oh, and I will share some pics of the headbands I have been wearing.  Buying headbands has been somewhat of an addiction for me too ;)


Anonymous said...

I think your hair looks great! I also have curly hair, I hope you find a style that you are happy with.

Cassandra said...

Thanks!! I love the curls... hopefully it gets easier the more I do it that way :)

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