Saturday 14 April 2012

A Little Beach Survival Kit

Last week for my birthday, we took my beautiful family in our boat, over to South Straddie for a glorious day of fun in the sun!  It was just the perfect weather - sunny, warm and a gentle northerly breeze.

I knew that my family would spoil me with gifts, and I wanted to give them something like a party favour bag to say thank you for coming all of the way over to the island to spend the day with me.  So, here are some little survival kits I gave to them to help them enjoy their day of beach fun...

Included in the pack was a travel sized sunscreen lotion tube, mosquito wipes, emergency ponchos (I was sure it would rain in the afternoon while we cruised home - but thankfully it didn't!) and mini water pistols, just for fun!

I popped it all into a blue Ikea snap lock bag, so that they would be water-tight in the event that they got wet - quite likely on a boating trip!  And then I made a simple topper to seal the gift bags.

I had the best day - we had lots of yummy food baked by my mum and sister, the boys did lots of fishing, we went swimming, we relaxed listening to music, and we were thoroughly entertained by my gorgeous niece and nephew!

The boys pumping yabbies - look at the sun sparkling on the water... just magic!

Birthday cake!  The most delicious orange and almond cake - baked by my mum! xxx
Our camp for the day...  A tarp, beach umbrella and the boat floating nearby.
Note - our boat isn't the big white one!  We wish ;)


Julie said...

Happy birthday, I am glad you enjoyed your day!

Cassandra said...

Thanks Julie! I had the best day :) xx

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