Saturday 21 April 2012

My Wedding Day Survival Kit

It is a bit of a family tradition that we give each other what we call a 'Wedding Day Survival Kit'.  It is something that we hold really close to our hearts, because it is actually something that our dear departed Granny gave to my Mum and Dad 37 years ago.  She gave them their 'kit' when they moved into their first house in 1975.  We have adopted the idea and replicated over the recent years, as each of us girls have been married.

First, let's start with Granny's gift.. My mum still keeps this is in her china cabinet, and it is something that I remember Mum talking to us about when we were very young.  Quite simply, Granny put some household items into a clear jar to symbolise the successes that she hoped that my mum and dad would enjoy throughout their lives together.  It included:

Bread - so that they may never be hungry
A Coin - so that they will never be poor
Sugar - so that they will always be sweet

(Can you believe that the bread is not mouldy??  But I think the coin has started to rust ;)

I am not sure if this is a Danish tradition (my dad, aunty and grandparents were all born in Denmark), or if it is just something that Granny thought of.  What I do know is that through 38 years of marriage and a few house moves, this little jar is still perched on the shelf, as a symbol of our Granny's love and wishes.

So, as each of us girls have been married, we have taken this basic idea and personalised it to suit the beautiful bride of the moment!

My sisters created this gorgeous wallet-sized album for me and presented it to me on my wedding day.  I just love it!  I leave it on a shelf in my bookcase and look at it every so often - and every time it brings tears to my eyes!!  Let's take a peek inside...

Cassi's Wedding Day Survival Kit (which may also come in handy for the years ahead!)

Wedding Cake &  Wedding Dress and Suit for Groom

Rice - so that you will never be hungry

A Coin - so that you will never be poor

An Umbrella - so that you always have shelter

A Family Photo - to remind you that no matter what, we are always here for you

A Band-Aid - to soothe those sore dancing feet

A Coffee Sachet - sot that you always have time to catch up with friends over a coffee

A Smiley Face - to brighen your day!

 A Hair Tie - so that you will never have a bad hair day!

A Tissue - to wipe away your tears

Mick - Today after nine years he becomes your husband. 
You wil share a love with hime who you share with no other, one that will last an eternity.
 (That's normally where my tears overflow!)

Made with love, Nicky and Loui creations
September 2006

It clearly tells the story of me, my family and also of the new chapter in my life with my husband. I love how my sisters took this family tradition and turned it into something that symbolises so much of ME!  They are the people who know me the best in the world - the hair tie for bad hair days still cracks me up!!

This is such a thoughtful gift, and I know that when have grey hair and wrinkles, it will be sitting in my china cabinet and I will show it to my children and grandchildren in many years to come...

We adapted this idea recently for my sister who just got married.  I will share her 'modern' wedding day survival kit with you soon...

But while on the topic of my beautiful bridesmaids, I thought I would share a photo from that special day:

Thanks girls!  You are just the best! xxxx


Bec said...

What a lovely idea! My brother, sister and sister-in-law are all getting married next year. You have inspired me to be creative and see if I can put together something similar for each couple. Thanks for sharing!

Cassandra said...

I just know how much they will appreciate the effort that you put in Bec! It is such a special gift... so unique. I will post the one we gave to my sister in the next few weeks. It is really different to this, but we thought it was pretty clever ;)

Anonymous said...

What a clever girl you are, I'm so proud to have you as my daughter!

Cassandra said...

Thanks Mum! That means the world to me :) xxxx

My Pigeon Pair said...

That is such a heartfelt and wonderful heirloom idea! Love it!

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