Tuesday 17 April 2012

My New Laundry - Overhead Cupboard Organisation

This post follows on from my previous posts where I have shared my new laundry here and here.  Today we are going to have a tour of inside the overhead cupboards...

We will start with my treasured clothes airer cupboard.  The airer is at the very top of the cupboard, and I didn't want to waste the storage space at the bottom of this cupboard, so I decided that this is where I would keep my 'House' caddies, which hold my weekly cleaning products and cleaning rags.  These caddies are easy to lift out in the event that I need to use the clothes line, so it isn't really an issue having them in here as far as functionality of the clothes line goes.  It also keeps the caddies neatly tucked away (although they are so cute!), and is tall enough to fit them with the handle standing up. You can also see that I popped in a removable hook on the side of the cupboard for my favourite cleaning brush.

The clothes line itself retracts inside the cupboard when not it use, and when in use, it extends to three times the length of the depth of the cupboard.  If I hang shirts on hangers off the sides of the airer, I can fit a small-regular sized load of washing on here.

Next let's look at the above-sink cupboard, which I have dedicated to cleaning products.  They are safe up here away from little hands, and because I have two shelves, I can clearly see all of the products that I have available to use.  I also store my spare weekly cleaning supplies here, so that I can replenish my 'House' caddies if I run out of something.  I also have my Martha Stewart Stain Removal Guide on the inside of the door, to help me out if I need it!

The final cupboard above the washing bench is currently completely empty!  As is the cupboard straight opposite.  I am yet to decide what to store in here - probably craft supplies (which are currently stored in a spare room).   That is a relocation project for another day!  I have found these great baskets which perfectly fit into the space, which I plan to spray paint and use in here.

The skinny middle cupboard above the sewing bench is where I am storing my sewing patterns.  The patterns are stored in white Ikea magazine holders, which I decorated with scrapbooking paper, to make them look nice and pretty :)

And the final overhead cupboard above the sewing bench is where I store my fabric.  I posted about how I organise this area a little while ago.  You can read about it here.  (I do still need to label those boxes!)

I am just ecstatic with how much storage space I have in here!  So many possibilities...

I will sneak you a peek at how I organise the base cabinets really soon!

Read more about My Laundry Make-Over here.


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