Friday 25 January 2013

Australia Day - 2013

Just a quick post today to say Happy Australia Day!

This has always been a special day for my family - we started a family tradition on Australia Day of 1988 when it was the bicentenary.  We had a sausage sizzle, and Mum made damper, and for dessert she made green and gold jelly!  I must go and grab the photos from Mum's house from this day and scan them in, as I hold such fond memories of this day.  Anyway, ever since, we have had a family get-together, with lots of yummy Aussie foods, plus Aussie flags and tattoos to decorate us and our surroundings.

I didn't go too crazy with the decorating this year, just hung a little bunting and underneath put a few Aussie things.  You can see I displayed one of my favourite family photos from Outback Spectacular (we went on Australia Day about 4 years ago).  It was such a fun night!

I also put an Australian flag in a vase - this was the flag that we received last year in our mailbox on Australia Day from our local real estate.  It was so awesome driving through the streets of our suburb and see an Australian flag flapping from every single mailbox!  I hear they are doing it again this year, so I can't wait to go out a bit later on.  And finally, I also put out my Australian flag napkins.  Just a few little things, but enough to get us into the spirit.

And for something new this year, I decided to make lamingtons!  Here is how they turned out...

Pretty cute, huh?

I used this recipe here.  And I loved the tip that I read online to freeze the cake for an hour before doing the dipping and coconut coating - it really helped to hold the cake together for this entire process.

Happy Australia Day!  Have a good one :)


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