Thursday 24 January 2013

Finishing Off Friday - 25/1/2013

Wow, another week just flew by!  Here is my progress to date...


- Assembled the drawers (and so in love with them!)

- Organised the drawers using drawer dividers - everything has its special place now!

- Put together some wall art

- Made a mock curtain valance, just to play with the colours - now to head back to Spotlight and buy more of the fabric so that Mum can make the real thing!

- Made a plan and bought some goodies to put together a hanging mobile.  I am waiting for us to finish the curtain valance so that I can use the fabric scraps to make some decorations for the mobile, so that it all coordinates :)


- Framed this cardstock, which has been sitting on the bench in there for over a year!  I love the way this one piece ties together the different colours of the room.

- Sorted my buttons from about 5 different bags into this awesome divided container.  This will be so handy for sewing, and crafts too!


- I sorted all of our holiday travel brochures into this accordian file.  I am not a huge fan of these file cases, but we had two spare in the cupboard, so I decided to tackle the enormous pile of brochures that we have collected.  They are now sorted alphabetically, so if we want to look up our next holiday destination, we can look here first for some inspiration.

Macy's Baby Album

- I printed off the final photos that I need to complete her album

- AND all photos are now scrapbooked and in the album!  What a huge job done!  All that is left now is to sit down with my sister and we will do the journalling, using some notes that Loui took during Macy's first year of the different milestones.  This is definitely the most exciting project completed this week :)

Other Projects

- I sold an unused dining table and chair set on Gumtree, that has been sitting in our garage for goodness knows how long.  It freed up a great space in the garage and put some extra cash in our pocket!

- We had our wills drafted - eek!  Yukky job but long overdue.

- I had a quote for some more security screens for the house - the baby's room, plus some others in the living areas.  Now that I am home alone a lot more, my hubby is worried about security - the house just used to be locked up all day, whereas now everything is open.  Knowing there is extra protection on the windows will be great peace of mind.

- I made a little Australia Day display and am in the process of making lamingtons for the first time.  I will share photos of these on the blog tomorrow.

- I started preparing for Valentine's Day, with a practice run of the baking treat I will be giving as gifts this year - it was delicious!  I can't wait to share the recipe with you!

I also pooled together my Valentine's Day decorations and present supplies, so that over the next few weeks it will be easy to work on getting ready.

And that's about it for this week!

It feels so good to get so many jobs done, and report back to you with how I am going on my Finishing Off Friday!   I believe I have been getting so much done because I have my main goals, and my smaller project lists too, to keep me focussed.  I am so lucky to have the time now to get so much done - I feel very grateful to be on leave at just 27 weeks pregnant!  I really have no idea how people work right up to the birth - you are just amazing if you have done that!

Overall, I am getting used to being home now, and have stopped going out so much.  At first, I was out everyday at the shops or meeting someone for lunch/coffee.  The novelty of this has finally worn off, and I am really enjoying my time at home alone.  I am being so productive, but also resting a lot too!  My poor right leg is still really sore with varicose veins and night time leg cramps, so being at home more, I can put my leg up more often and rest (and wear my lovely compression stocking without anyone seeing!!).

Have a fabulous long weekend to all of my Aussie readers!


Anonymous said...

I had one of those, but on both legs, so attractive! Being pregnant does that too you I suppose. Can to see you getting all those jobs done, as you will have little time once bubs is born, love your beautiful nursery, looks so lovely!

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