Sunday 13 January 2013

How to Keep Hair Ribbons Crinkle Free

This is the best little idea!  One of my girlfriends let me in on this one...

Use your hair straightener to iron your hair ribbons flat!  It is the best trick!  I usually have my straightener on every day, and if I decide to wear a ribbon in my pony tail, it is so easy to just run my ribbon through the straightener, and it immediately removes any creases and kinks that were left over from the last bow that was in there!

I find this such an easy little trick!  As I keep my ribbons tied in bows to hang in my Accessories Cupboard, they are often very crinkled when I get one out to wear - I love this solution!

I also have a few necklaces with ribbon ties, as opposed to clasps.  This works great for those necklaces too!

And don't forget recycling ribbon for gift wrapping too!  Get that perfect bow by starting with a completely crinkle-free ribbon, even if it was given to you on a another gift that was a different shape or size.

I have also had another friend tell me she uses her straightener to iron her work pants!  I found that most amusing, but I guess it isn't that silly if you are pressed for time ;)

What else do your use your hair straightener for, other than your hair??  I would love to hear your ideas!


Anonymous said...

Simple, yet helpful!

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